Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Dumb and dumber - why not to videotape a kid's molestation of your dog then give the tape to the police

So, there were these two guys, living an "alternative" lifestyle, and they let this underaged kid come over to their house and play with their computer and play with their dogs, and they get the idea to put a camera to watch what the kid is doing because they think he is stealing from them, and it turns out the kid is getting nasty with the dogs, and so the guys decide to videotape what the kid is doing, and eventually they give this tape to the police, and they get arrested for child pornography and other charges for what's on that video, and they lose their jobs, and they wind up pleading to some minor criminal charges, and then they sue everybody, claiming a violation of almost every particular in the Bill of Rights but the Second Amendment, and the district court judge throws out their case, and the Fourth Circuit affirms the dismissal on appeal, in this opinion, Bruette v. Montgomery County. It could almost be a movie, or at least a Twilight Zone episode.

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