Tuesday, June 24, 2003

More on Virginia schools' reactions to Michigan cases

The Roanoke Times has this article, which says that nobody knows what yesterday's Supreme Court's decisions on race in admissions mean for the public schools and universities in Virginia. The Daily Press reports here that it is "too early" to know the impact of the Michigan cases.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has this article, which suggests all Virginia schools are already in compliance with yesterday's Supreme Court decisions. The Daily Progess in Charlottesville reports here that "UVa likely unaffected by affirmative action ruling." Similarly, the Virginian-Pilot reports here that no changes were likely to result from the Court's decisions.

Attorney General Kilgore's news release on the Michigan cases is here. In it, he says that his advice has been that "the easiest course of action is to remove race or gender from consideration at all" and nothing the Supreme Court said changes that stance. Governor Warner's press release is here. In it, he said "I believe race should continue to be considered as one factor among many."

The Times-Dispatch also has this item on how the balancing act of Richmond's own, the late Justice Lewis Powell, still influenced the Court in yesterday's rulings.

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