Sunday, June 22, 2003

Virginia Democrats focusing on 10 raises in this year's General Assembly elections

The Daily Press has this column with commentary on the role of former Democratic Attorney General nominee and Richmond attorney Donald McEachin, who is now representing former Judge Verbena Askew on the ethics charge brought by Senator Stolle. Apparently, Stolle did not go to law school but read the law, as is still sometimes done in Virginia. Some law readers are sensitive to any aspersion being cast on the fact that they did not attend law school.

McEachin is now seeking dismissal of the ethics charge, on the basis that Judge Askew was asked only about court cases, not administrative proceedings (like the sexual harassment charges before the EEOC, and in so doing, twisted the knife a bit when he declared that "Nobody that's gone to law school is going to confuse an administrative process with a civil process. You just don't think that way."

Ouch. The columnists conclude that "[g]iven Stolle's position, [McEachin] must not be interested in ever becoming a judge."

In addition, the columnists explain that with all the seats in both the Senate and the House of Delegates up for election this fall, the Virginia Democratic Party will focus its efforts on (only) 10 seats in particular.

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