Friday, June 24, 2005

The latest story in the matter of Judge Peatross and the public defenders in Charlottesville

The Daily Progress has the latest unbelievable segment in the ongoing drama of the public defenders who brought up the circuit court judge for disciplinary charges, who are now filing for him to recuse himself from their cases.

One interesting part of the evidence, the relevance of which I can't quite understand, was this:

The conflict has provided fodder for much Court Square gossip, conspicuous in an e-mail exchange introduced into evidence Thursday between Hingeley and lawyer Blair Carter in which Carter urges Hingeley to take a path of conciliation with Peatross.

“The word on the street is that this latest salvo of yours … is your way of getting in line for [Peatross’] job,” Carter’s e-mail states. “I’ve defended you, both because you don’t seem to be that type of a schemer and also because there is no way a staunch Democrat like you could ever be appointed to serve on the bench [for] Albemarle County.”

In response to Carter’s e-mail, Hingeley writes: “I’ll lay odds not many people will think my latest ‘salvo,’ as you put it, is a winning strategy I would pick to get in line for [Peatross’] job. Truth is, what I’m doing is calculated more to serve my clients’ interests than my own interests. To my way of thinking, that’s just the way it should be.”

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