Monday, June 20, 2005

Power Line on the nomination of Judge Boyle

Here and here are Power Line posts with some background on Judge Boyle's long wait to become a judge of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The latter post includes this:

"President Bush tried to end the bad blood. First, he nominated Roger Gregory to the Fourth Circuit. Gregory, an African-American and Democrat, had received a recess appointment late in Clinton's second term. It is virtually unheard of for the recess appointee of a president from one party to receive a regular appointment from a president of the other party. Then, Bush nominated Allyson Duncan, a moderate Republican from North Carolina, whose nomination was supported by Senator Edwards.

None of this olive-branching made any difference to Edwards or his fellow Democrats. Contrary to what their apologists say, the Senate Democrats generally don't oppose nominees based on tit-for-tat. They oppose nominees based on what the liberal special interest groups instruct them to do. Thus, Boyle remains in limbo."

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