Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thoughts on the Kelo case

Having made a quick perusal of Kelo v. New London, it makes me think that the majority are mostly ignorant of what a bunch of job desperados localities have become these days - cities, counties, and towns will sell their souls for the promise of some new jobs. Part of the reason why some people were hoping the Court would find a limit to what localities can do in the Kelo case is because localities are not always constrained by good judgment.

Often, the promises made to them are not kept. Indeed, it was reported here in yesterday's Roanoke paper: "State and city officials contend that health care and consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson has broken a promise and is obligated to refund $1.4 million, or 70 percent, of incentive money received from the Governor's Opportunity Fund - a grant that was tied to job creation."

I'd be bummed if I was Ms. Kelo and the city took my waterfront home for what may be an ill-conceived project that will eventually go bust. Or even, if my family's farm was taken for an industrial park - like this one, which not coincidentally is situated to a great degree on the farm where my mom grew up.

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