Tuesday, August 26, 2003

More on zealous representation (and reporting) in Wise County and elsewhere

For another view on the Coalfield Progress story about the lawyer who interviewed the alleged rape victim at the defendant's house, here is the take from Ken of CrimLaw.

Ken finds that there is a lot missing from the article, information he'd like to know. Strangely, I thought the article was full of interesting facts, particularly since I know the lawyers and the reporter, O'Donna Ramsey, who writes many delightful articles about courthouse matters from Wise County.

I had a case years ago where, when it was done and my side had won on summary judgment, I wrote up sort of a press release, got it approved by the client, and sent it to the Bristol paper, which printed it almost as written, and to the local weekly (in another county), which made a complete hash out of it, in spite of my best efforts to spoon feed the story to them. Strangest of all, in the reporting of that case, the reporter for the weekly ended every article he wrote with the suggestion that for further information, his readers should call the deputy clerk of U.S. District Court, and gave her office phone number.

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