Saturday, August 30, 2003

Two books I bought today

I am not a "booksnake" like my wife's uncle David, but there are some books that I have to buy, and two I just bought are An Affair of Honor by Richard Marius and Trial and Error by John Tucker (both shown in the margin, I think).

Richard Marius died a few years ago - his Bourbonville books are just about my favorites. I have read After the War over and over.

Like about everyone who graduated from the law school at William & Mary, I once met John Tucker at his house on the Chickahominy, where he lives with his wife, Professor Jayne Barnard. They came to Virginia from Chicago. I started law school in 1986, just when the Bears were at their best, and the refrigerator in the house of Mr. Tucker had on it a large poster of William "the Refrigerator" Perry. (The only time I saw Perry play I think the score was Clemson 55, Virginia 0.) Mr. Tucker wrote the book about the Roger Coleman case from Buchanan County, which I have read many times and recommended to my lawyer friends and surely mentioned on this blog.

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