Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Amherst County JD&R judge one of 4 scrutinized by legislators

The Lynchburg paper has this article ("Judge may not maintain position," 12/9) one of 4 judges up for reappointment this term who are facing some opposition - the article is about a juvenile and domestic relations district court judge sitting in Amherst County. Earlier this week, Virginia Lawyers Weekly also listed as being on the hot seat Judges Janow from Amherst, Circuit Judge William Andrews from the Hampton area, J&DR District Judge Woodrow Lewis from Virginia Beach, and GDC Judge Robert Giammitorio from Alexandria.

Evidently, Judge Joe Tate from Smyth County here in this district passed muster without objection, which is surely a good thing. Judge Tate is an excellent, good-natured judge and having appeared before him is one reason why I have to laugh at the talk of requiring district court judges to work a 40 hour week. If Judge Tate can squeeze in under 40 hours some weeks (and I don't know that ever happens), more power to him, the Commonwealth is still getting its money's worth from him.

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