Friday, December 12, 2003

First U.S. spam indictments under new Virginia law

This AP article, this other AP article, this article ("Book'em, Jerry," 12/12/03) from the Washington Post, this article ("Two face 20 years in spam probe," 12/12/03) from the Daily Press, this article ("Spammer suspect arrested in N.C.," 12/12) from the Baltimore Sun, and this article ("Felony spam charges filed," updated 12/12/03) from USA Today, and this story ("Virginia Hits Spammers With Felony Charges," 12/11/03) from, this story on, and this story from the Richmond paper ("2 men charged under spam law," 12/12/03), discuss the nation's first spam indictments and arrests, involving charges out of Loudoun County, Virginia under the new Virginia spam law against two men from North Carolina.

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