Monday, December 08, 2003

Why I use CaseMap

This article ("Complex Litigation for Small Firms and Solo Lawyers") talks about different ways of handling complex cases, including the use of programs like CaseMap.

The first time I used a database in a case was when my old guru Jack White had discovered the FileMaker program, and we made up some records for the document production in a case involving what seemed like a bunch of documents to me. The other side produced a bunch of business records in various file folders. When we started asking questions about particular documents, the other side couldn't find them, so I looked them up in my homemade database and told them where we had seen them in their files. Sometime later I had a case in federal court that went on for about 6 years. It was good to have a fact database to come back to whenever I had to actually know something about the case.

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