Sunday, September 26, 2004

Northeast Tennessee, SW Virginia group seeks recognition as Indian tribe

The Kingsport paper reports here ("Appalachian Intertribal seeks recognition as tribe," 9/26/04) that a group of descendants of Indians in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are seeking recognition as an Indian tribe.

On the subject of Indian heritage, I note the following, from this page on Melungeons:

"Under the column Purebred Indian group from Blackwater are the Minors. The Minors, a fighting people, show more of the Indian than any other Indian group in Scott County. They claim to be Portuguese Indian stock. They are of large stature, tall of black complexion and very strong. I believe the Minors are of three-quarters Indian and one-quarter Portuguese. They are of the type of people whose word is their bond. In Scott County some of them own large stock farms and have prospered."

Roy Jessee would probably say: I know Scott County Melungeons, I grew up with Scott County Melungeons, and Steve, you're no Scott County Melungeon.

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