Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sniper prosecution in Fairfax County snared by Virginia's Speedy Trial act

The Washington Post reports here ("Va. Judge Dismisses Case Against Muhammad," 10/2/04), the Richmond paper reports here ("Sniper charge thrown out," 10/1/04), and the AP reports here on the dismissal of the indictment against sniper John Muhammad in Fairfax County for failure to bring him to trial fast enough to comply with the speedy trial act.

The statute, I think, is Va. Code 19.2-243.

The Circuit Court ruled that Muhammad was "arrested" for purposes of the Fairfax County case in January when the police faxed copies of his indictment to the jail where he was being held.

The AP reports here that later on Friday, the Commonwealth moved for reconsideration.

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