Sunday, September 26, 2004

We have another Chadwick Dotson reference

In this post, John at Commonwealth Conservative identifies the Commonwealth's attorney for Wise County as "Chadwick Dotson."

Famously, and as has been previously reported here, following the 2000 election, Virginia Lawyers Weekly looked for "chads" among the Virginia State Bar, and found none. Shortly thereafter, it offered the following slight correction:

"A Mr. Chad Dotson of Norton, a lawyer in that fine city, called up and told us that his friends had been egging him on to call us on the apparent omission. He also was getting really tired of all the Chad jokes.

So there's one. Sort of. Mr. Dotson's given name is "Chadwick," and "Chad," not surprisingly is his nickname. The Martindale search engine isn't geared for nicknames. So there you have it, the record set straight."

Speaking of names, I understand that the population of the Dotson household expanded earlier this year. My money was on "Goldwater" as the likeliest name for the newborn, but evidently they chose a more moderate alternative.

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