Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Official haiku of SW Virginia law blog

From this David Giacalone post:

tonight's moon--
how many mountains resemble
the ones back home?

Some time ago, I sent David a link to a speech by President Bush at Yale, in which he said:

"I took a class that studied Japanese Haiku. Haiku, for the uninitiated, is a 15th century form of poetry, each poem having 17 syllables. Haiku is fully understood only by the Zen masters. As I recall, one of my academic advisers was worried about my selection of such a specialized course. He said I should focus on English. (Laughter.) I still hear that quite often. (Laughter.) But my critics don't realize I don't make verbal gaffes. I'm speaking in the perfect forms and rhythms of ancient Haiku. (Applause.)"

David's post about this speech is here.

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