Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The end of ABC's Monday Night Football

It has been variously announced that ABC will no longer carry Monday Night Football, beginning some time or another.

Here is the wikipedia entry for MNF, which got started a few weeks before my sixth birthday.

As I've written here previously, I can't tell what I had for breakfast a week ago, but I can tell you the starters for the 1973 Miami Dolphins, and I loved TNT's Monday Night Mayhem, the movie about Monday Night Football, with John Turturro as Howard Cosell. I got someone to buy me one of Cosell's books, when I was maybe 10, and it is still on the shelf somewhere in this room. (In it, he brags absurdly about the selection of Fred Williamson for the MNF team. This list shows that The Hammer was there only for one year.)

Here is Ben Domenech's take on this development. His list includes the Earl Campbell game from 1978, a bitter defeat for the Dolphins, and of course, the Bears' lone defeat in Miami in 1985, which preserved the Dolphins' record as the only undefeated team.

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