Saturday, April 23, 2005

More on the Muhammad case

Check out these:

TalkLeft: Virgina Sniper's Death Sentence Upheld

the Washington Post, "Va. Court Upholds Muhammad Sentences": "The Virginia Supreme Court yesterday upheld the convictions and death sentences of sniper John Allen Muhammad, saying he had acted with 'breathless cruelty' in the shootings that killed 10 people in the Washington area in the fall of 2002."

the NY Times, "Virginia Justices Set Death Sentence in Washington Sniper Case": "John A. Muhammad's 'breathtaking cruelty' in masterminding a series of 16 sniper shootings that left 10 people dead in late 2002 warrants the death penalty, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled yesterday."

the Richmond paper, "Muhammad death sentence upheld": "Ebert said he was confident of proving Muhammad was an immediate perpetrator, even though 'a lot of people at first blush didn't think so.' He added, 'Where two people actually participate and do something proactive to cause the death of another, why, they're equally responsible. . . . The jury was given instructions to that effect that if they didn't feel like they were actual participants, they could not fix the death penalty.'"

the Norfolk paper, "Court upholds death penalty for sniper mastermind Muhammad,": "The Virginia Supreme Court rejected the death-penalty appeal of convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad, concluding that he set out to intimidate the civilian population."

the Potomac News, "Sniper's conviction upheld," "Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul B. Ebert can uncross his fingers. Friday, the Virginia Supreme Court released its opinion of convicted Washington, D.C.-area sniper John Muhammad's appeal. His conviction and death sentence were upheld."

the Fredericksburg paper, "Sniper death ruling stands": "Yesterday, at a news conference inside the Manassas Courthouse, Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert said he was relieved by the Supreme Court's ruling and thanked the lawyers in the Attorney General's Office who handled the appeal."

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