Thursday, May 22, 2003

Two things that are good - golf and blogging

Thanks to Martha Burke and Annika Sorenstam, I got to see much more this year of the Masters (with no commercials, thanks to the protesters) and the Colonial (18-hole coverage on USA Network, thanks to Annika) than I would have otherwise. Nice work, ladies, do it again next year. Ms. Sorenstam might not make the cut at the Colonial but her play was pure today, as reported here and here. Maybe I'm wrong, but Ft. Worth strikes me as kind of "old school", the kind of place I'd like to go to see a golf tournament - an older course, an older tournament.

This blog - it's mostly about law, which is what I mostly think about day and night, but a few stray thoughts intrude here and there, and with the aid of the Sitemeter, I was much amused to deduce that somebody spent some time looking at this post on graduation speeches, and somebody else spent some time a while back looking at this post on Johnny Oates.

UPDATE - The Annika story must be really big, because even my wife knew that Ms. Sorenstam was not making the putts. I don't think my wife has paid much attention to the sports news since her favorite football player Thomas Jones graduated from U.Va. or maybe since Joe Gibbs stopped coaching the Redskins.

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