Saturday, June 07, 2003

Bloggers as journalists?

Ernie the Attorney notes here that the hoopla over Denise Howell's blogging from D reflects a blurring of the line between journalism and blogging, but notes significantly that "if you are going to rely on a blogger then how wrong can you go with Denise?" I agree with that completely - I don't know many reporters but I read the same bloggers (mostly blawgers) every day, at least the ones that are linked on my blog, and it is like getting e-mail from people I know - the familiarity adds to the understanding of the subject, as in I wonder why so-and-so thought this was interesting enough to put on his/her blog. On the subject of what is fair game for blogging, I would think that lawyers can blog whatever is not privileged, protected intellectual property, or subject to a court rules or a court order - a discussion at a public forum seems like fair game to me.

Denise Howell's comment on the article makes it sound like the reporter's attempt to contact her was derailed by her spam filter! Now, that's a story in itself.

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