Sunday, June 01, 2003

Unlawful discrimination on the "juries" in Colonial Williamsburg?

IsThatLegal asks here and here "is that legal" of his experience with the jury selection for the "trials" held in Colonial Williamsburg.

I lived in Williamsburg for the three years of law school and never saw this event, which happens I think every day. I like Colonial Williamsburg, but not so much for the historical interpreters as for the look of the place - it was like the neighborhood park, or part of the College campus, a good place for a walk or to sit in the sun and eat a Virginia ham and provolone on french bread sandwich from the Cheese Shop or a gyros from the College Delly. (I wasn't there in the heat of summer, and I never cooked much, either.)

As a different kind of discrimination story, I recall that one of my law school classmates worked one summer in one of the "shops" on Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg and later told me that from male tourists she received (and rejected) many unruly invitations, most of which included the proviso that she would wear her colonial costume.

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