Tuesday, June 03, 2003

"Say Appal-ach-a, and give this native something to cheer"

Amy Clark has this column a while back in the Sunday paper about the correct pronounciation of "Appalachia."

Judge Williams gave a speech once which included a story on the same theme about his friend Henry Kegley from Bristol, who was watching the Today Show one morning and heard Willard Scott say apple-LAY-cha. So, the story goes, Kegley called Willard in New York City and told him this: "If I threw you an apple, I'd say 'apple-at-cha.' Remember it that way." Some time later, Kegley heard that Willard Scott was coming to the Tri-Cities, so he went to see him at the airport. Approaching Mr. Scott, Kegley tossed him an apple. Willard caught it and said, "you must be Henry Kegley from Bristol."

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