Friday, June 20, 2003

Alternate Realities Conference - the truth on UFOs, Big Foot, etc., is out there at Roan Mountain next weekend

The Kingsport Times-News has this report on the upcoming Alternate Realities Conference to be held at Roan Mountain June 27-29, with the following on the agenda:

"Featured speakers will include Sherry Lee Malin, Adam Sorg, Michael McDonnough, Pat Fitzhugh, Constance Clear, Earle Benezet, Beth Rigby and Jeffrey Morgan Foss.

Malin will speak about her personal experiences with "the Tennessee bigfoot."

Sorg will present "Spook Lights: The Great Earth Lights Mystery."

McDonnough will present his ideas on "Advanced Alien Technologies."

Fitzhugh will discuss "the Bell Witch of Tennessee" and "the Bell Witch Haunting."

Clear will speak about her book, "Reaching For Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction."

Benezet will present a lecture on "UFOs - Past, Present and Future."

Rigby will teach the art of "Global Dance: Where Yoga Meets Dance."

Foss will elaborate on "The Road to Open Contact: An Experiencer's Life-Long Revelation."

Walton, who travels extensively throughout the United States, will share his story [about being abducted by aliens]."

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