Sunday, June 15, 2003

Virginia Republicans still trying to corner Warner into a tax plan before November

This Roanoke Times article, titled "GOP urges Warner to lay out tax reform plan - Governor says he wants to avoid making it an election issue," describes the latest round in the gamesmanship between the Democratic governor and the Republican leaders of the legislature over whether Governor Warner should put forth his "tax reform" plan in time for the Republicans to use it against him in this fall's elections.

At the same time, this article in the same paper, titled "GOP likely to maintain grip on both chambers," concludes that the Republicans are almost certain to retain their majorities in both houses of the legislature.

On the same theme, the Washington Post has this article by R.H. Melton, titled "Tax Issues May Cut Two Ways As Va. Looks to November," which notes that "Despite Republican pressure for an early preview of his tax bill, Warner said he plans to wait before releasing the details, largely because of the potential backlash against fellow Democrats running for seats in the 140-member assembly."

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