Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Interesting appeals granted in the last month by the Virginia Supreme Court

Among the cases in which the Virginia Supreme Court has recently granted petitions for appeal are the following:

HARRISON-WYATT, LLC v. DONALD RATLIFF, ET AL. - this is the coalbed methane case from Buchanan County, in which the plaintiff landowners prevailed when Judge Keary Williams concluded that the rights to the methane in the coal were not conveyed with the coal rights

MERRY CHRISTINE PEASE v. COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINIA, this is the celebrated case of the wife accused of murdering her husband, now on appeal to the Supreme Court for the second or third time, with issues including the failure of the trial court to disqualify the special prosecutor, Tim McAfee

DOGWOOD VALLEY CITIZENS ASSOCIATION, INC. v. JEROME W. HATCHER, ET AL., where the issues have to do with the liability under Virginia law of directors of corporations

THOMAS W. DANA AND CONLEY J. HALL v. 313 FREEMASON, A CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC., which appears to be about who can be liable for what in connection with the sale of condominium property

JAMES PAUL VENABLE, JR. v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, where one of the claimed errors is that "The Circuit Court erred by ordering a polygraph examination while the case was pending which required the petitioner to answer incriminating questions, the answers to which were to be forwarded to the Court"

THOMAS MICHAEL HOLSAPPLE v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, involving a conviction under Va. Code 18.2-200.1, which criminalizes fraud by construction contractors

BARTER FOUNDATION INC., ET AL. v. GORDON L. WIDENER, ET AL., which involves a dispute over ownership of property in downtown Abingdon, Virginia

VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC. v. ASBURY W. QUILLIAN, AND MILLER AUTO SALES, INC. , which involves some kind of constitutional challenge to a statute regulating the auto sales industry

DANIEL E. HINES V. JOHN R. KUPLINSKI, ADMINISTRATOR, which has Bill Poff from Roanoke in some kind of habeas corpus proceeding arising out of an Eastern Virginia county, all of which makes me think the case is likely to be interesting, even if I can't figure out much from the website.

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