Wednesday, June 18, 2003

SW Va's Congressman Boucher stops short of calling Senator Hatch an idiot

A widely-published AP report in today's newspapers describes how Senator Orrin Hatch has the notion that computers used for illegal downloads should be remotely destroyed, and the counterpoint cited is Congressman Rick Boucher from Southwest Virginia's Ninth District, who says that he urges the senator to reconsider because other people might think he is serious. An industry spokesman described Hatch's proposal as "metaphorical," perhaps as in the old joke, "Q: what's a metaphor? A: A place for cows to eat and sleep, etc. . . ."

Congressman Boucher and Senator Hatch were also in the news together earlier in the month, as Congressman Boucher (taking a different view than most House Democrats) is one of the co-sponsors of the House bill regarding class-action lawsuits, as reported here in the NY Times, and class-action suits may be a topic on which Hatch and Boucher are more likely to agree.

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