Friday, June 13, 2003

Charlottesville sportswriter blasts hypocrisy of everyone in the whole ACC-Big East mess

Jerry Radcliffe of the Daily Progress says "[t]here is so much bullspit being spread from Virginia political circles that the whole involvement of our elected leaders and Virginia Tech president Charles Steger reeks of hypocrisy" (can you say that in the newspaper?) and that notwithstanding Steger's public declaration that "“If an offer [to join the ACC] came today, we would not accept it,” to the contrary, if such an offer came, "He’d break his ankles trying to get to Greensboro as fast as his legs would carry him." Ratcliffe concludes that "What the ACC should do is laugh in the face of the lawsuit and the silly suggestion that all the presidents from both conferences should sit down face-to-face and hash things out, then show some solidarity and vote 9-0 to expand, give out the invitations, bring the Hurricanes, the Golden Eagles and the Orangemen aboard and live happily ever after."

Jerry was there when I played at being a sportswriter for the "other" student newspaper (now defunct) in the mid-1980s, but I never knew him to get so excited. On the other hand, if George Welsh was still there, he would be throwing his hat on the ground pretty much every few hours as this up-and-down story continues.

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