Thursday, June 12, 2003

Counting the gray hairs on the Sixth Circuit

How Appealing published this eyewitness account of the Sixth Circuit sitting en banc, which noted the age difference between the new judges on the outside and the older judges in the middle.

Earlier, How Appealing linked to this Washington Post story about the "continuing battle between liberal and conservative judges" related to the charges and findings about the conduct of the Chief Judge.

It reminds me of my wife's comments on the appearance of the Virginia Supreme Court, which she described after watching an oral argument session (in 1991) as "two ladies, a black guy, and four senior citizens." (The four white-haired gentlemen have since retired to status as senior justices, the "guy" is now the Chief Justice, and there are now three women on the Court.) My wife also pointed out how much she liked the earrings worn by one of the justices, which is surely not a thought often expressed in the history of the Commonwealth.

UPDATE - I certainly don't mean to suggest that my wife's comment was anything like that of Bill Pryor.

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