Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Morning-after reports on Virginia's primaries

From the Daily Press, these stories: "Moderate senators slip push from right - But conservatives do better in House," "Nod largely won on personality, not issues" (regarding Mamie Locke's win over Verbena Askew), and "Voters cite nastiness of Jost's campaign."

From the Daily Progress: "GOP right loses primary challenges" (quoting Larry Sabato as saying that "In Virginia's modern history, this is one of the worst nights for the hard right - period").

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: "Norment takes easy victory," and "Chichester bests conservative rival."

From the Roanoke Times: "Chichester defeats Rothfeld in Senate race; House veteran Rollison loses to newcomer"

From the Washington Post: "Va.'s Rollison Is Defeated - Chichester, Norment Block Challenges by Anti-Tax Hopefuls."

From the AP: "Rollison blames his loss on anger over his support of tax referendum" (regarding the loss of the Prince William County delegate who sponsored the Northern Virginia tax referendum), "Potts deadlocked in Senate primary with conservative Tate" (saying the race was too close to call), "Norment beats conservative challenger in 3rd Senate District," "Former judge concedes defeat in tight 2nd District race" (regarding the Locke-Askew) race, "Moderate Senate budget-writer defeats conservative challenger" (regarding the Chichester-Rothfeld race).

From the Virginian-Pilot - "Hampton mayor narrowly leads in primary."

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