Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Updating on things agricultural

Since Denise Howell wrote here in March that "Steve also keeps us up to date on things agricultural," I've been wondering when I will say something agricultural, but at last I am in fact working on an ag law project at this very moment, which led me to discover and ponder the following statement from the Virginia Supreme Court: "This court will take judicial cognizance of the fact that it is the nature of a turkey to chase a grasshopper, or other bugs, or insects, without paying much attention to fences or boundary lines." Tate v. Ogg, 170 Va. 95, 106-107, 195 S.E. 496, 501 (1938).

There it is, for all of you litigating turkey trespass cases, there is no need for actual proof (at least not in Virginia) of just how "much attention" turkeys pay to boundary lines when chasing grasshoppers, or other bugs, or even insects.

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