Monday, May 09, 2005

On the road

I'm off tomorrow to the DRI Drug & Medical Device seminar and related meetings.

What Virginia voters want

The Washington Post has got it all figured out, in this lengthy report.

The answer is - roughly the same stuff for which U.S. was founded, domestic tranquility, promotion of the general welfare, enjoyment of the blessings of liberty. It's all there in the Preamble to the Constitution.

Joe Tennis' list of top 10 things to see close to Bristol

From the Bristol paper's Joe Tennis, here is his Top-10 list of the region's must-sees.

You'd think that Joe and the rest of the lot at the Bristol paper would go on strike until Media General gives them a better website, the worst, most impenetrable newspaper website in the U.S., out the hundreds I've seen - including all of the other Media General papers in Virginia.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

How lawyers dress in Virginia courtrooms

This CrimLaw post sets forth the straight scoop on what Virginia lawyers wear to court.

The graduation speech list, year III

Here are most all of the old links from two years ago plus some new ones.

Albert Einstein, Swarthmore, 1938

Ronald Reagan, Eureka College, 1957

Barbara Bush, Wellesley College, 1990

William Kunstler, University of Buffalo, 1995

Guy Kawasaki, Palo Alto High School, 1995

Kermit the Frog, LIU, 1996

Justice Stephen Breyer, Stanford, 1997

Bob Newhart, Catholic University, 1997

Patrick Buchanan, The Citadel, 1999

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, MIT, 1999

Conan O'Brien, Harvard, 2000

Ray Bradbury, Cal Tech, 2000

George W. Bush, Yale, 2001

Scott Turow, Northwestern, 2001

Wynton Marsalis, Connecticut College, 2001

Al Franken, Harvard, 2002

Christopher Reeve, Washington University School of Medicine, 2002

Fred Rogers, Dartmouth, 2002

Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Catholic University, 2003

Mortimer Caplin, U.Va., 2003

'80s MTV meets '00s CMT

No kidding, I just saw Pat Benatar singing with Martina McBride on CMT - first "Independence Day" then "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

Next, they'll have Loverboy singing with Riders in the Sky. The possibilities are endless.

The target audience would be people who liked to sing along to MTV in about 1983-1988, but got old and can't figure out the words to any of the songs on the radio now except for the ones played on country stations.

What would they do for some Doritos

L. Hammack has this article ("Questionable vote," 5/8/05) about allegations of vote-buying in the latest municipal election in the Wise County town of Appalachia. Appalachia has been in the news quite a bit in recent years.

The woman interviewed said she was offered pork rinds and cigarettes in return for her vote. Another fellow said he was offered a fifth of whiskey.


To the new law graduates at Regent, it is reported here Senator Allen said, that if they are appointed to the federal bench, "I hope you don't have to wait four years for Senate confirmation."