Friday, April 29, 2011

On Circuit Court Judge Chad Dotson

I read in the VLWBlog that the General Assembly has approved Chad Dotson for a vacancy on the bench of the Thirtieth Circuit. Well done, Judge Dotson.

When Judge Dotson was selected for the general district court bench, I wrote this. My first Chad Dotson post was this one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the evils of scanned as opposed to converted PDF files

The new Administrative Procedures for electronic filing in the W.D. Va. state the following, twice:

"Scanners should only be used to produce PDF files of documents that cannot be produced electronically. Scanned documents lessen the level of service we provide by slowing down the entire system. We have moved away from the utilization of scanned documents inside the Court for the most part and are requesting parties to do the same when possible."

The new book also says this about orders, which is a little bit different than before I think:

"3. Proposed orders must be submitted as outlined below:
a. A moving party shall submit to the judge, after filing a motion for which no supporting brief is required, a proposed order granting the motion and setting forth the requested relief.
b. Proposed orders must be filed in CM/ECF as a pdf attachment to the Motion (not combined with the motion in one document).
c. The proposed order must also be attached to an Internet e-mail sent to the email address of the assigned judge, in a format compatible with Microsoft Word. Judges will not accept the attachment in .pdf format."

I do not recall that the lawyers were previously required to submit and file proposed orders - in my experience proposed orders are rarely filed in this Court, unlike some others. I have more often e-mailed draft orders as word processing documents to the Court and counsel, when the orders were agreed.