Friday, September 28, 2012

On Bullitt Park

The other weekend, I went to the football game at Bullitt Park in the company of my oldest step-daughter, who realized what an odd character I am for the umpteenth time when I explained to her that the park was named for a lawyer, Joshua Fry Bullitt, Jr., whose biography on Wikipedia I wrote myself. Below are pictures of the park and the man himself.

On Judge Joe Tate

In today's e-mail was a letter circulated to members of the Bristol Virginia Bar, from Judge Tate, indicating that he would retire in January after more than twenty years as General District Court Judge for the 28th District.

When I was a brand new lawyer, Judge Tate came around to the law firm to talk about the judgeship he was then seeking, and I asked him why would he want to be a general district court judge. It was a good thing that he did. He is a delightful, smart man who did a great job for us.

When I got married last year, the first person I saw in downtown Marion the next day was Judge Tate, who was well and truly amused by my answer when he asked how I was doing.