Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Local Government Attorneys of Virginia fall meeting in Roanoke

This year, the fall LGA meeting is in Roanoke.

I'm not sure, but I think the fall meeting was also there in 2001, not long after 9/11, and that was one of the best conferences I ever attended. There was a party at the house of the then-mayor, up on Mill Mountain, with a strange, fog-shrouded view of the lights of Roanoke. There was a Civil War lecture from that other Virginia Tech civil war guru, contrasting how Jefferson Davis and John C. Breckinridge dealt with the closing days and immediate aftermath of the Civil War. There was a fair-sized delegation from far Southwest Virginia, including Dean Foster, Karen Mullins, and Nancy Dickenson. And, the law lectures were good as well.

The mayor of Roanoke at that time, a fellow named Smith, was apparently a bit of a Civil War buff, and so he had a painting above the fireplace of a Civil War general from Virginia with a white beard, and the general in the painting looked quite like this Roanoke lawyer, who was also in attendance at the meeting.


Ray Ward picks up on my comment to his post about celebrity mugshots.

Speaking of NOLA law bloggers, Ernie linked to this provocative post about a trumpet player in an empty, destroyed neighborhood.

How to read a judicial opinion

Orin Kerr explains it.

That's not exactly how I read an opinion, half the time I look to see whose on the panel, who were the lawyers, who was the trial judge, who wrote the opinion - then maybe get around to the facts and the law.

Why the ABA should vote no on the Signing Statements Report

Reasons why the ABA should reject the Signing Statements Report:

1. The ABA should not be expressing its views on such matters in the first place.

2. The report makes a hash of it, as even Professor Tribe can see.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

USA Today takes the Crooked Road

Via Blue Ridge Muse, here is an article from USA Today on the Crooked Road.

Tiger Woods gets win No. 50

Tiger Woods finished with a birdie to win the Buick Open by three strokes at 24 under par. It was his 50th win as a professional.

For the week, he had rounds of 66-66-66-66. That's freaky.