Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vote on him, I dare you

The Asheville paper has this recap of the status of the nomination to the Fourth Circuit of Judge Conrad from North Carolina, who is not to be confused with the Judge Conrad from Virginia or the tough-guy actor.

Who leaked the Ahmad Bradshaw story?

The Bristol paper and others have discovered that Ahmad Bradshaw is in jail here in Abingdon, which prompted his old football coach at Bluefield to denounce whoever it was that caused this to get into the newspapers.

The Bristol paper reported this:

"Graham football coach and athletic director Doug Marrs adamantly stood by Bradshaw, calling the player’s legal troubles the direct result of a concerted attempt by 'individuals who build themselves up by making other people look bad.'

'It’s an attempt by an anonymous mole to discredit [Bradshaw],' Marrs said. 'I bet you cannot find out who released [the information to the police]. Have you seen anywhere where he violated his parole? It doesn’t make sense. It’s extremely complicated.

'All I can tell you is ... there’s animosity. It’s just … there are people who make it, I guess, their job to try to ruin to other people’s lives. That’s the way I see it.'

. . .

'I promise you this: Graham High School would not have retired [Bradshaw’s] jersey if we had thought he’d have done something that would discredit [Graham],' Marrs said.

'He truly does not deserve this. He doesn’t deserve this. And you know what? I did stuff when I was 12 or 13 years old [that] I could probably still be in jail for. But I never played in the Super Bowl. I don’t get people wherever jealous of me.'"

The Carbon Capture and Storage Early Deployment Act

This post considers the Carbon Capture and Storage Early Deployment Act, H.R. 6258, introduced by Rick Boucher, which provides for an industry-funded, non-government "Carbon Storage Research Corporation."

He said it

"So Mr. Obama, if you're going to call for 'the highest-speed broadband access' can you please stop pussyfooting around like just about everyone else and start acknowledging that that means getting a fiber strand strung to every building in America?"

Geoff Daily, Apprising

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Santos, Santos, Santos

The Bristol paper reported here that Chief Judge Jones is trying to figure out the Supreme Court's decision in U.S. v. Santos, before deciding what to do in the case of the Lee County dentist.

Maybe the dentist's lawyer will sign up for this seminar, the ad for which says of Santos and Cuellar v. U.S.: "The Court's opinions vindicate the criminal defense bar's long and loud criticisms that money-laundering charges were being 'tacked-on,' 'added-on,' and threatened in order to induce pleas and rack up higher sentences."