Friday, July 25, 2008

Fourth Circuit reverses NLRB on union decertification arising out of Wise County

In NLRB v. Mullican Lumber and Manufacturing, the Fourth Circuit in a published opinion by Judge Niemeyer, joined by Chief Judge Williams and District Judge Williams from Maryland, denied the NLRB's petition for enforcement and granted the company's cross-petition for review, concluding that the unfair labor practice charges against Mullican over its facility in Norton were deficient because the company had sufficient evidence that the majority of its employees there no longer wanted to be represented by the UMWA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oliver Hill's old home in Roanoke to become legal aid office

The Roanoke paper reports here that a childhood home of civil rights litigator Oliver Hill will become an office for Blue Ridge Legal Services.

More on the Dr. Shelburne case

Here is a anti-prosecution post about the Shelburne case, and here is the latest from the Bristol paper, about how the U.S. has noticed an appeal on the money laundering charges that were thrown out based on the Santos decision.

Just in case you were wondering

A panel of the D.C. Circuit has held in Adams v. Rice that "engaging in sexual relations" qualifies as a "major life activity" for purposes of the Rehabilitation Act.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Here from the Chicago Tribune is another book review of Judge Martin Clark's latest book.

is a profile of Circuit Court Judge John Cook, after two months on the bench.

The Bristol paper has this report on the airport easement case that Jim Elliott and Lucas Hobbs from this office have appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court.