Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fourth circuit nominees news

Again according to Howard Bashman, the ABA has lowered its rating on Judge Boyle.

The Washington Times has this editorial and Powerline has posts here, here, and here, in support of confirmation of nominee William J. Haynes, II.

Maybe Justice Kennedy can't make up his mind

Howard Bashman has this quote from the Onion: "The Supreme Court's third 5-5 vote in the past month has some justices wondering whether one of their number is voting twice."

Friday, July 21, 2006

Warming up for the fall caption contest season

We were the winners of the most recent Commonwealth Conservative caption contest, which evidently was No. 48, and that brings me into a tie with Tiger Woods, who has also won ten "majors." It appears, however, from this morning's performance, that he will win again before I do.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New York Times opposes confirmation of Haynes to the Fourth Circuit

In this editorial, the NYT opposes confirmation of William J. Haynes II to the Fourth Circuit.

The editorial says in part: "It is disturbing that while low-level soldiers have been convicted for their actions at the Iraqi prison, Mr. Haynes has been rewarded with a coveted judicial nomination."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Do all the famous bloggers leave their big laws?

First, Bashman, then Ernie, now Denise.

I didn't realize how far ahead of the curve I was, because I never worked for a big firm (unless you count my summer in law school with this bunch) - but I admire many, many big firm lawyers and steal the knowledge from them every way I can.

Roanoke lawyer story

In this account of the life and times of Roanoke lawyer Jack Kennett, the following tale is told:

The story is legendary in Roanoke law circles.

During an appeal hearing on a minor traffic conviction, John "Jack" Kennett Jr. represented himself. As the hearing proceeded, he started to perform his own cross-examination. He would ask himself a question, then walk over to the witness stand, sit down and reply.

He kept it up until he asked himself a very long question. Then he sat in the witness stand and responded, "Could you repeat that?"

At which point the judge had had enough and dismissed the case.

Roanoke Times opposes confirmation of Fourth Circuit nominee Haynes

The Roanoke Times editorializes here:

"The policies advocated by Haynes stretched the boundaries of U.S. law and international treaties, stained this nation's human rights record and provided valuable recruiting material to terrorists around the globe. . . .

As the retired officers wrote, 'America's commitment to the Geneva Conventions is grounded not only in battlefield experience, but also in the moral principles on which this country was founded.'

Any progress made toward reclaiming those moral principles signaled by Bush's grudging acknowledgment, coerced as it was by the U.S. Supreme Court, would be erased if Haynes is confirmed to a seat on the federal bench.