Saturday, July 25, 2009

That jury trial earlier in the week

On Wednesday and Thursday, I tried a case in the W.D. Va., representing two fellows from Texas who were sued for fraud, where the amount in dispute was fixed at $2.3 million, and we got a defense verdict. The jurors deliberated for over three hours, counting the time they were eating pizza for dinner. My opposing counsel were Hunter Sims and Johan Conrod from Norfolk.

I had not met Mr. Sims before the end of the case. We had a laugh about his being the No. 2 Virginia SuperLawyer. I don't know if there are any "super" lawyers, but I am impressed that the best Virginia lawyers I've ever met, like Mr. Sims and maybe fifty others I could name off the top of my head, are all gentlemen (and gentle ladies) to the core. And, I expect that whenever I see Mr. Conrod from now on we will enjoy retelling our adventures from this case, of which there were a few.