Thursday, November 04, 2010

Court of appeals' "digital brief" guidelines

I read with some interest the "digital brief package" from the Virginia Court of Appeals. What is required is something quite different from the ordinary files we print to PDF and upload to federal court every day.

I enjoyed particularly the checklist of reasons for rejecting the digital briefs, such as "Paper Brief was not the same Brief on the CD."

Another part of what makes this interesting is that the Court evidently requires digital briefs, yet there is apparently no reference to such a requirement in the Rules, which were just amended - unlike in Rule 5:26(e), which says "(e) Copies for Filing. One electronic version, in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) format, must be filed with the clerk of this Court and served on opposing counsel, unless excused by this Court for good cause shown."

In my opinion, most Virginia lawyers either lack the software necessary to insert bookmarks into PDF files or would not know how. I sometimes insert bookmarks to navigate around complaints and long contracts that other people send me.

The cheaper than Adobe Acrobat alternative software that I use is called NitroPDF, which is $99 as opposed to $299 for Acrobat 9 standard or $499 for Acrobat 9 pro. I think it could do what is required but I guess I'll send the work to one of the print shops in Richmond.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

She said yes

Elliott Lawson & Minor is announcing this week that Dawn Figueiras has joined the ownership of the firm.

This is a great thing, as she is one of the best lawyers and best people I know.