Monday, January 27, 2014

On the news that Judge Wilson will soon retire

The Roanoke Times reports here that Judge Samuel G. Wilson of the W.D. Va. will be retiring August 1, 2014. I have written here not too long ago about trying one last case before him in Big Stone Gap. Before that trial, I saw him at the Judicial Conference in 2011 and told him I was getting married and taking on a bunch of girls. "It's a good thing you ran into me," he said, and proceeded to give me his advice on dealing with teenage daughters. When I saw him again in 2013 I told him his advice had been timely and accurate. He laughed. I remembered him talking about a daughter in 1995, when we were waiting for a jury and telling stories to kill time during a trial in Big Stone Gap, when John Brownlee was one of his law clerks - and now I could relate, completely. Good luck, and thanks.