Thursday, April 17, 2003

Virginia state bar's only Chad running for Commonwealth's attorney in Wise County

My good friend Chad Dotson, Republican candidate for Commonwealth's attorney, is profiled here in the Kingsport paper. Formerly, Joey Carrico was the Commonwealth's attorney in Wise and one of the youngest in Virginia, but he was lured to Richmond to work as the No. 2 under Attorney General Jerry Kilgore after Elizabeth McClanahan left to join the Court of Appeals.

In 2000, Virginia Lawyers Weekly reported in the aftermath of the Bush-Gore election that there were no Chads among Virginia's lawyers, hanging, dangling or otherwise. Mr. Dotson turned himself in, as reported in this note (subscription required), which says:

"Late last year, you may recall, in our Election Roundup Edition of Hearsay, we noted that according to the online version of Martindale-Hubbell, there are no lawyers in Virginia named "Chad."

Please note the all-important attribution. There are no lawyers in Virginia named "Chad". Sort of.

A Mr. Chad Dotson of Norton, a lawyer in that fine city, called up and told us that his friends had been egging him on to call us on the apparent omission. He also was getting really tired of all the Chad jokes. "

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