Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Top Ten - make that Fifteen - favorite graduation speeches available online

I liked everyone one of these. . . .

Albert Einstein, Swarthmore, 1938
Barbara Bush, Wellesley, 1990
Guy Kawasaki, Palo Alto H.S., 1995
William Kunstler, University of Buffalo, 1995
Justice Stephen Breyer, Stanford, 1997
Bob Newhart, Catholic University, 1997
Patrick Buchanan, The Citadel, 1999
Tom and Ray Magliozzi, MIT, 1999
Conan O'Brien, Harvard, 2000
George W. Bush, Yale, 2001
Scott Turow, Northwestern, 2001
Al Franken, Harvard, 2002
Fred Rogers, Dartmouth, 2002

My own graduation speakers, I think, were Ted Turner, whose remarks evidenced no particular preparation, and Judge Merhige, who said he enrolled (briefly) in William & Mary law school thinking it was in Richmond

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