Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Today's Virginia primary results

According to this State Board of Elections site, when last I checked, among the Republicans, Senators Chichester and Norment swamped their more conservative opponents, while Senator Potts held on barely over Tate by 106 votes (out of almost 15,000 cast), and Rollison lost in the House. Among the Democrats, former Circuit Court Judge Verbena Askew is losing by less than 300 votes in Newport News (out of almost 13,000 counted so far), and Onzlee Ware won in Roanoke. If these names mean anything to you, you must be a semi-junkie like me.

This means I guess that the farther right-wingers had no great victories in the most-watched Senate campaigns, and former Judge Askew will apparently not get to sit along side those who voted her out of the courthouse (although they are still counting votes in that race.)

UPDATE - I guess this item came too late for the Askew campaign; she claimed that her legal background would make her a better legislator than her non-lawyer opponent.

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