Tuesday, November 25, 2003

So much for a good plan

I went to this afternoon's meeting of the Bristol, Virginia, bar, took two associates with me, but got elected anyhow as the new president. At the last meeting, I was selected to represent this area on the board of the Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society. Previously, I would have expected that only those who were absent from the bar meetings were selected to such posts.

A few years ago, the bar president was a good guy who before he went to law school had been one of my elementary school teachers in Abingdon. A photocopy of his picture from my school yearbook, c. 1976, was made and posted in the clerk's office, with the message, "Should this man be president of the Bristol Bar?" He had sort of a Doug Henning haircut and mustache in those days, now his hair is more light than dark and there is not so much of it. Eventually, he discovered the poster and took it down, wondering how long it had been there and how many people saw it.

Probably I should start checking the boards where things are posted in the clerk's office.

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