Wednesday, December 10, 2003

1 million sheets of paper

According to this story about the discovery disputes in the Linux copyright case against IBM, one of IBM's complaints was that the plaintiff produced some requested code "that had been printed on 1 million sheets of paper." The plaintiff responded, "If a company wants code, it's the other party's decision to provide that any way they feel like providing that." It sounds to me like one side or both are cruising for a bruising in that case, just over the discovery.

Not long ago, a lawyer on the Tennessee filed a motion to compel on me, after I objected to all 4 of his interrogatories. I sent him a brief in opposition to the motion. He read the brief then we talked and he said, more or less, "We don't get discovery objections in state court in TennesseeI didn't know your objections were based on the law. I thought you were just being a jerk." I said, "those were 4 lousy interrogatories."

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