Sunday, June 20, 2004

Judges appear in re-enactment of Brown v. Board of Education arguments documentary

In this piece ("OMBUDSMAN: Readers quick to complain about any 'sins' of omission," 6/20/04) in the Richmond paper, it is reported:

"For the Brown v. Board of Education film documentary, produced by New Millennium Studios in Petersburg, the paper in fact did publish two short items on the production, on May 1 and May 14. One announced the studio was seeking extras to appear in the film, sponsored by the Martin Luther King Commission, and the other announced the film would be shown at the Carpenter Center on May 16.

However, the items did not include names of the judicial "actors," and the T-D published no follow-up account or review. The film was shown the one time to an invited audience, but it was free and open to the public.

A Virginia Supreme Court spokeswoman provided a rundown on the cast. Judge Roger L. Gregory of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals portrayed Thurgood Marshall, and Judge James W. Benton Jr. of the Virginia Court of Appeals played Spottswood Robinson.

Nine retired circuit or district court judges, including Turlington, participated. Other retired judges in the cast, she said, were Donald Hall Kent, William R. Shelton and William B. Wimbish, of Richmond; W. Park Lemmond Jr., Petersburg; Marc Jacobson, Norfolk; Alfred D. Swersky, Alexandria; Paul F. Sheridan, Arlington, and Tristram T. Hyde IV, Heathsville."

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