Friday, July 16, 2004

View of the Commonwealth from Venezuela

From Venezuela, this commentary on Virginia includes these remarks:

"Virginia, second only to Texas in the frequency of executions and in the virulence of its anti-social attacks on the poor is ruled by one of the most conservative state governments in our country. These penny-ante politicians loudly, at every opportunity trumpet their Christian and family values, winning thereby the allegiance of those willing to be guided by faith rather than reason. But every so often they let their greed, their real loyalty -- to money and business, to Mammon, not to God -- shine forth in all its glory. And show us their deep and irremediable stupidity in the process. . . .

Working to bar the possibility of marriage between gay or lesbian persons, the brilliant lawmakers of Virginia have passed special legislation forbidding this sort of civil or religious union. The only problem is that their new law may make ALL forms of contract between persons of the same sex illegal in this state. Be warned: If you propose to come to the USA to do business, you may have to make contracts only with a person of the opposite sex!"

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