Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wahoo football history

Here is some Virginia sports lore I didn't know: "For Virginia, 1952 was the end of a successful run under Art Guepe, the best coach in UVA history before George Welsh. Just the year before, 1951, the infamous Gooch Report on UVA athletics recommended eliminating all athletic scholarships and abandoning intercollegiate football. That same year, Colgate Darden, Virginia's president, decided to forbid the 8-1 Cavaliers from accepting a bowl bid. Art Guepe very wisely chose to jump ship the following year, and the Cavaliers entered a 30-year stroll through the ninth circle of college football hell. There were two winning seasons between 1952 and 1983; one 7-3 year and one 6-5 year with records built, at least in part, by wins over such traditional football powers as VMI, Richmond, Davidson, and James Madison. Then George Welsh arrived and the rest is football history."

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