Sunday, November 07, 2004

With friends like this . . .

My old Pennsylvania Congressman Robert Walker was quoted in this article from the Lancaster paper on the faithlessness of Senator Specter from Pennsylvania, who has said some stupid stuff about future judicial nominations by President Bush. Walker said that Specter's nonsense "may have caused permanent damage to the senator among conservative groups."

UPDATE: Today's Lancaster paper has more here, as some Pennsylvania Republicans are saying Specter should not be chairman of the Judiciary Committee no matter what he says now.

Closer to home, in Tennessee, the state senate went Republican, but enough Republicans have cut deals that the old Speaker will keep his job, as reported here ("It's our Senate now, some in GOP tell Wilder," 11/7/04). One Republican candidate for Speaker is NE Tennessee's own Ron Ramsey, who won re-election in what was probably the nastiest campaign in this area.

So, I guess there are Republicans reaching out to Democrats, every where you look, and in ways that are driving other Republicans crazy.

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