Saturday, December 11, 2004

Legal assistance

I've got a trial coming up, and I'm sitting upstairs at the computer with stuff all over the place, and the wife has company downstairs, so the old dog is up here with me.

The dog has decided to lie down on the evidence. I gave her a fanny scratch and told her to move, but she just gave me the hairy eyeball, had a big sneeze, and went back to sleep.

Fortunately, most of the good stuff is in the CaseMap database, and anyhow I think the papers beneath the dog were written by me, so how important can they be?

The dog (at age 13) is definitely losing her fastball. This morning we're out getting the newspaper, she assumes the position for her morning constitutional, and tips over (backwards). Oh, no, I think, and rush to rescue her, then realize I've thrown the paper down in the wet grass. The dog, ignoring the paper, takes off on her post-constitutional victory lap, with tail wagging.

Some time ago, Scheherazade (I think it was she) had a post that said something like, what you give up for your dog. My answer then was that I'm just afraid that when the time comes, whatever I've got won't be enough. At a minimum, it appears, I'm willing to ditch the front page of the Bristol paper, without a second's thought.

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