Monday, April 04, 2005

Chief Judge Jones moves Knox trial to Abingdon

In U.S. v. Knox, Chief Judge Jones granted the government's request to move the trial from Roanoke to Knoxville - but not because of all the really bad publicity in the Roanoke paper for its earlier efforts to prosecute Dr. Knox.

The most amusing aspects of the earlier press coverage of the Dr. Knox trial included the testimony about the voodoo Teddy Bear in the doctor's office, and also an expert on the smells of the 1960s, as described more fully in this post.

This is my favorite part:

Chief U.S. District Judge Samuel Wilson interjected.

"You didn't think you were doing Mr. Fitzgerald any harm by sticking pins in the stuffed animal?" Wilson asked.

Durham replied that she didn't think she was doing any harm. Fitzgerald was sick one day, but no link to the stuffed bear was ever established.

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